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Thurs 14th Aug: Training - 8.30pm @ Lux Park

Thurs 21st Aug: Training - 8.30pm @ Lux Park

Thurs 28th Aug: Training - 8.30pm @ Lux Park

Mon 1st Sept: TIGERS v Pilgrims 3 - 9pm @ Plym LC

Mon 8th Sept: TIGERS v Wheelie Devils - 7pm @ Plym LC

Tues 9th Sept: COUGARS v Mavericks - 8pm @ Plym LC




We are a well established club with 2 teams entered into the Plymouth & District Netball League; playing in Division 1 and Division 4.

Whatever ability, if you are aged 14+ and want to join a friendly club then come along to one of our sessions, we train every Thursday evening, 8.30pm at Lux Park Leisure Centre

First 2 training sessions are free so come and give it a go!




Liskeard Netball Club celebrated a successful 2013/14 season with an awards night at Liskeard Sports Club.

After their first season in the Plymouth & District Netball League (which was certainly the longest in the club's history having played their last match just this week!) both teams were pleased with how it went, Tigers finishing 4th in Division One and Cougars finishing 6th in Division Four.

The club will attend the PDNL Awards Evening next Friday, but as is tradition, wanted to hold their own as well.

Outgoing Chair, Lucy Smale, presented awards to the winners on the night:

Tigers Players' Player - Kay Barker

Cougars Players' Player - Della Moloney

Most Improved - Vicky Ford & Hannah Gregory

Member of the Year - Debbie Drinkell

Player of the Year - Jo Nickle

Club Personality - Rachael Congdon

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Liskeard Tigers  22 - 23  Dynamite DAC

Starting line up: GK Emily Tamblyn, GD Kay Barker, WD Holly Lemon, C Molly Walsh, WA Jo Nickle, GA Lucy Smale, GS Christina Broad. Res: Louise Halliday & Gabi Duffey


In their final match of the season, Liskeard Tigers took to the court against Dynamite DAC hoping to end on a high.

It was a slow start from both sides with missed attempts at either end before Dynamite finally opened the scoring. They maintained a small lead for much of the quarter before Broad found her form, moving well in the circle and netting 4 in a row to bring her team level at 5-5 at the end of the first quarter.

Dynamite opened the scoring again but thanks to some key interceptions from Lemon and Walsh, Liskeard soon moved into the lead. It was a feisty quarter with both teams working hard for every ball, but Liskeard just edged it, finishing the first half 13 - 11 ahead.

Duffey joined Smale in the shooting circle for the 3rd and an early injury to Barker saw Halliday come on at WD with Lemon to GD. Dynamite took advantage of the disruption and with their GK causing Smale all sorts of bother under the post they managed to edge ahead. Liskeard worked hard to keep the ball and Duffey helped keep her team in contention netting all her attempts but at the other end, despite some tough defending from Lemon and Tamblyn, the Dynamite GS had a superb last few minutes, netting 4 in a row to give her team a 20-16 lead going into the last.

Broad came back on for Duffey for the last and at 4 goals behind Liskeard knew they had their work cut out. Lemon and Tamblyn restricted the Dynamite circle and Halliday, Walsh and Nickle all fought hard in the mid court, turning over play to feed down to their shooters. With just minutes to go Liskeard had the momentum, with Smale and “Player of the Match” Broad both shooting well under pressure, but the final whistle blew all too soon and the game ended Liskeard 22, Dynamite 23!


Liskeard were disappointed not to have clinched the win, especially after coming so close, but the result still saw them finish 4th in the league table, a great result for their first season in Plymouth!




Liskeard Cougars 28, Sashes & Bows 5

Starting Line up; GK Amber Jeffery, GD Rachael Congdon, WD Sophie Thomas, C Debbie Drinkell, WA Hannah Gregory, GA Sarah Collins, GS Vicky Ford. Res: Katie Brewer, Gemma Cliffe & Hannah Andrew

With a draw in their previous encounter, Cougars were keen to go one better for their final match of the season. Vicky Ford was on fine form, netting all her attempts for the period and giving Cougars the start they were looking for. With a solitary goal in reply Cougars won the first quarter 6 – 1.

It was all change for the second, with only Ford remaining in her original position and Hannah Andrew (GA), Gemma Cliffe (WA) and Katie Brewer (C ) all taking to the court. Cougars took a while to settle into their new line up but the opposition failed to gain any advantage and with Cliffe and Brewer soon finding their feet, they were able to supply some quality balls into Andrew, who worked well with Ford to convert.  Some good defending by GK Thomas coupled with Jeffery’s agility at GD halted any progression by Sashes. Liskeard didn’t have it all their own way however and Sashes had a 3 goal streak towards the end of the quarter to finish the first half 14 - 4.

Ford, Gregory and Jeffery made way for Drinkell, Congdon and Collins for the 3rd period. Cougars’ defense tightened further and some great movement in the attacking circle by Collins (GA) and Andrew (GS) further extended their lead. With no successful shots by their opponents, Liskeard took a strong 20 - 4 lead into the last period.

With the game all but won Cougars were able to enjoy the final quarter. “Player of the Match” Vicky Ford, back on at GS, converted some impressive long shots and Liskeard were able to close the match 28 - 5.

Captain Debbie Drinkell reflected on a mixed season at the Life Centre. “I was very happy with the majority of our performances; especially in the second half of the season. If we had played like that from the start I feel sure we could have been contention for the promotion places. I am looking forward to next season and with the squad we have, am confident that we will be able to move into the top half of the division. I have seen some of the girls really improve in their skills and abilities and it has been a pleasure to play with them this season.”



Liskeard Tigers 35 - 31 DRD

Starting line up: Kay Barker (GK), Holly Lemon (GD), Louise Halliday (WD), Molly Walsh (C), Gabi Duffey (WA), Lucy Smale (GA) Christina Broad (GS) Res: Emily Tamblyn.


Liskeard opened the scoring, over-turning the DRD centre pass. Play was fairly level for much of the quarter with fast play up and down the court and very few missed attempts at goal, but it was DRD who finished stronger; high balls into their tall shooters saw them dominate over Barker and Lemon and score 4 goals on the bounce to end the quarter 6-10.

Tamblyn came on at GK for the 2nd period with Lemon replacing Duffey at WA. This was a much better quarter for the Tigers as they maintained possession and fed down to attack. Lemon’s pace along with the movement of Smale gave Broad more attempts which she duly converted. The added height of Tamblyn kept the tall DRD shooters at bay with the GS shooting just one goal all period and Tigers took the quarter 15 goals to 7, to lead by 4 at half-time.

Duffey replaced Smale to start the second half but it was DRD who came out fighting. Tigers struggled to feed the ball into their attack and their 4-goal cushion was soon diminished with DRD moving into the lead. Injury to Tamblyn meant Smale returned to her old GK position and the break in play seemed to stop DRD’s flow. Tigers finished well, scoring the last few goals to take a slim 27 - 25 lead into the last.

Smale moved back to GA with Lemon returning to defence for the final quarter and with all to play for, possession was key. Barker, Lemon and Halliday supported all the way down the court but the pressure crept into attack and the shooters showed their first sign of nerves. The Tigers’ lead swung between one and two goals for much of the period and two key turnovers from Halliday helped them stay in front. Smale played up into the mid court, increasing her movement and assisting the possessional play as the team clung on to their lead. A great final flourish from The Tigers secured the win to finish 35-31.


Player of the match was deservedly awarded to Christina Broad for her superb movement in the circle and accuracy under the post!




Liskeard Cougars 18 - 14 Plympton Allsorts

Starting line up: GK Amber Jeffery, GD Rachael Congdon, WD Liz Julian, C Debbie Drinkell, WA Gemme Cliffe, GA Della Moloney GS Hannah Andrew. Res: Sophie Thomas, Hannah Gregory & Sarah Collins

Having already beaten Allsorts earlier in the season, Cougars were confident of continuing their run of good form. Goals went with centre pass to start with, with Shooters Della Moloney and Hannah Andrew on target for the first part of the quarter. Cougars then fully expected to take control of the game; however determination and strong play by the Allsorts shooters hampered the progress of the Cornish side and Cougars were only one goal ahead ending the first quarter 6 - 5.

Gregory came on at WA for the second quarter and again Allsorts applied the pressure picking off the lose passes in the midcourt. Cougars did not always make the most of their advantage in attack and despite having double the shooting opportunities, found themselves 2 goals adrift with 3 minutes to go in quarter. Defence tightened up with Amber Jeffery and Rachael Congdon were able to disrupt the Allsorts attack. The Quarter ended all square at 9 goals all.

Sophie Thomas and Gemma Cliffe replaced Congdon & Drinkell for the third quarter and Cougars continued with the momentum they had built up at the end of the second quarter, Della Moloney linking well with “Player of the Match” Cliffe and Gregory. Again Cougars had the chance to score goals with double the shooting chances of the opposition but were unable to put the shots away. However Cougars’ hard work in the midcourt with Liz Julian relentless in her defence and Jeffery now at GD supporting the attack, Cougars crept into the lead and ended the quarter 14 – 11.

Drinkell & Congdon returned to defence for the final period of play with Collins coming on at GS. It was a tight quarter but Cougars were able to do enough to limit the attack and see out the game for another albeit close win. Final score 18 - 14




Liskeard Cougars 39 - 9 Giggle Girls

Starting line up: GK Vicky Ford, GD Amber Jeffery, WD Liz Julian, C Debbie Drinkell, WA Hannah Gregory, GA Sarah Collins, GS Hannah Andrew. Res: Sophie Thomas, Katie Brewer

Liskeard Cougars recorded an impressive victory against bottom side Giggle Girls at their latest encounter at Plymouth Life Centre.

Unfortunately, injury to the Giggle Girls GK early in the first quarter reduced them to 6 players and Cougars were quick to capitalise on the advantage. Shooters Andrew and Collins didn’t miss a shot and Cougars were able to take a 5 goal lead heading into the 2nd quarter 6 – 1.

Brewer and Thomas came off the bench at GA and GD respectively for the 2nd period of play. Brewer immediately made her presence felt linking well with Drinkell and Gregory using her speed and court presence to gain the advantage. Collins, now at GS, continued her purple patch of shooting retaining her 100% record. Giggle Girls injured player returned to the court and they were able to work some good openings into their GS who netted a few long shots to end the quarter Liskeard Cougars 18 – Giggle Girls 4.

Brewer moved out to Centre and Collins replaced Gregory at WA for the 3rd, with Ford moving to GS and Andrew back on at GA. Giggle Girls came out with purpose and for the first half of the quarter goals went with centre pass. Cougars soon got in their stride however with Brewer and Julian picking off the lose passes with some great interceptions. Some impressive long range shots from Ford enabled Liskeard to draw clear and extend their lead to 28 – 7 going into the final quarter.

Thomas replaced Julian at WD, Drinkell moved to GD and Gregory to WA for the final period of play. Cougars passing throughout the game was slick with some great one two play between the defence Jeffery, Drinkell  & Thomas in defence ensuring a safe passage of play up the court. Again some great shooting by Ford & Andrew was evident and Cougars were able to end the game 39 - 9, their biggest win of the season.

Player of the Match was awarded to Katie Brewer for her fantastic movement throughout and an impressive quarter at GA.




Liskeard Tigers 23 - 16 Rentafford

Starting line up: Kay Barker (GK), Holly Lemon (GD), Louise Halliday (WD), Molly Walsh (C), Jo Nickle (WA), Gabi Duffey (GA), Lucy Smale (GS). Res Emily Tamblyn & Christina Broad

With Rentafford vying for top spot in division one Liskeard Tigers knew this would be a tough match, but having unexpectedly drawn the last encounter they were hopeful that a win was not out of the question.


Tigers’ first centre pass was intercepted and the ball quickly fed to the Rentafford shooters but Barker and Lemon controlled the circle well and turned the ball over for Liskeard’s Smale to open the scoring. Liskeard worked well together, safely moving the ball around the court, and soon found themselves 5 - 0 up. Rentafford stepped up the mid court play towards the end of the quarter though, with the help of some key interceptions from their GD. The GS found her form and netted 3 in a row to end the period 5-3.


Tamblyn came off the bench to GK for the second period, with Barker and Lemon moving forward in defence. Encouraged by their strong start, Liskeard began well and with both Smale and Duffey on fine form, The Tigers increased their lead to 9-3 before Rentafford could find the net. Rentafford weren’t done though, their zonal play keeping them in contention as they picked off many of Liskeard’s passes. "Player of the Match" Molly Walsh worked relentlessly in attack, tipping numerous interceptions and working well with Nickle but with the Rentafford GD reading the play well, they struggled to find the circle. Liskeard held onto their lead though, ending the first half 11-8 ahead.


Halliday returned to WD for the 3rd with Lemon moving back to GD and Broad replacing Duffey in the shooting circle. Broad immediately made her presence know, netting the first 2 goals to increase the Tigers’ lead. Tamblyn and Lemon worked hard at the other end, limiting Rentafford to just a single goal all period and with Halliday backing up well in the midcourt Liskeard were able to extend their lead further, finishing the quarter 17-9 in front.


Going into the last period 8 goals up, Tigers knew the win was in sight and they took to the court determined to see it out. Rentafford had not given up though and fought hard for every ball, coming within 5 goals towards the end. Liskeard had the last say though and dominated the final few minutes to take the game 23 - 16, denying Rentafford that all important 2nd bonus point.


Captain Holly Lemon was thrilled with the result saying “We knew it would be a tough match but everyone was optimistic and worked hard for the win. It was a great result for the team!

Tigers now have a 3 week break before facing DRD on 19th May.

Photos by Glen Rogers



Liskeard Tigers  18 - 20  Bond Girls

Starting line up: GK Kay Barker, GD Holly Lemon, WD Louise Halliday, C Molly Walsh, WA Jo Nickle, GA Lucy Smale, GS Christina Broad. Res Gabi Duffey.

Tigers took to the court against Bond Girls on Monday, with both teams vying for third spot in division 1.

Liskeard opened the scoring through Lucy Smale but a physical quarter meant the attack had to fight hard to hold their own. Lemon and Barker worked hard at the other end, limiting the GA's movement and disrupting the GS who struggled to get her eye in. She scooped up the rebounds though and netted enough to give her team an early lead at 4-3.

Injury to Christina Broad saw Gabi Duffey come off  the bench to GA with Smale moving back to GS. A strong quarter for the Tigers defence, with Lemon again limiting the GA to just a single attempt at goal. Barker fed the ball safely following the turnovers and supported her team in maintaining possession. Despite Bond going two ahead early on, Tigers finished the quarter strongly, winning 5-4 to leave the scores level at half time.

Captain Lemon wasn’t happy with her side’s performance and felt they were making the game hard for themselves through sloppy passes; unchanged Tigers started the second half ready to work hard for the win.

The Bond attacking partnership had a better quarter with more movement from the GA which created many more chances at goal. Tigers struggled to turn the ball over and found themselves three behind with no goal scored. Walsh & Nickle worked hard in the mid court, with Lemon & Halliday supporting well, but the ball struggled to get into the shooters. Duffey and Smale increased their movement to give more space in the circle and the goals started to come. Duffey netted all three attempts before Bond came back at them, ending the quarter one goal up.

Liskeard hoped to make up this small deficit in the final period but with the game becoming more physical it wasn’t an easy task. Liskeard started strong and took an early lead to go two ahead but the scores were then levelled by the GA who had a better, more confident second half. The goals stayed with the centre pass and Smale again levelled at 18 all, but with Bond netting their own and then turning over the Tigers last centre pass, they took the game by just two goals.

Player of the Match was awarded to Halliday for her consistent hard work in the mid court, supporting both defence and attack.


Photos by Glen Rogers

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