Liskeard Netball Club – Cornwall


Liskeard Cougars 15 - 12 Cyan Tigers

Starting line up:  GK Lynn Webb, GD Amber Jeffery, WD Sophie Thomas, C Gemma Cliffe, WA Katie Brewer, GA Vicky Ford, GS Hannah Gregory. Subs: Rachael Congdon & Hannah Andrew

Coming off the back of two wins and having already beaten Cyan Tigers earlier in the season, Cougars started the match confidently. Ford was extremely effective in the shooting circle, working well with Gregory to maximise any opportunities. Defensively Cougars put up a strong showing with Webb and Jeffery limiting the oppositions attack.  This was a strong quarter for the Cornish side who ended the period 5 -1.


It was all change in the second quarter with Congdon and Andrew coming on at GD & GA respectively. Cougars took a while to settle which allowed Tigers to find their feet. Tiger’s shooters worked the circle well and with Cougars only adding 4 to Tigers 5, the Plymouth side were able to peg back the lead. Cougars still ended the half in front though, leading 9 -6.


A much more confident Tigers side came out strongly in the third having made some key changes. However, some great long shots from Ford, ably assisted in the playmaking by Andrew and Gregory, kept Cougars intent alive. Despite being pegged back to 10-10 during the 3rd quarter Cougars held their nerve and were able to add 2 more before the end of the period to lead 12 - 10 going into the last.


With all to play for in the final quarter Cougars tightened up their passing. Cliffe now back on at Centre moved well to link play with energetic “Player of the Match“ Brewer. Hardworking Thomas and Congdon supported the attack and Cougars saw out the quarter, winning the game 15 - 12.




Liskeard Cougars 25 - 15 Mavericks

Cougars starting line up: GK Lynn Webb, GD  Rachael Congdon, WD Debbie Drinkell, C Gemma Cliffe, WA Sarah Collins, GA Della Moloney, GS Vicky Ford. Res  Liz Julian & Hannah Andrew

Side by side in the league table and a draw in the opposite fixture earlier in the season,  Liskeard Cougars took to the court against Mavericks knowing they were in for a close encounter.

Mavericks won the toss and soon made their intent known by converting their centre pass and capitalising on an early Cougar mistake. The Cornish side found their feet though, with some slick passing in the midcourt and shooters Della Moloney and Vicky Ford converting. Cougars ended the first quarter with a two goal advantage at 6 - 4.

Liz Julian and Hannah Andrew came off the bench at WD and GA respectfully for the 2nd period, with Della Moloney moving to Centre and Debbie Drinkell back to GK. Mavericks upped the tempo on the restart adding 2 quick goals to tie the match. Some good defending by Drinkell and Rachael Congdon limited the shooting opportunities for the Mavericks shooters though and with Maloney making her presence felt in the mid court linking well with Sarah Collins and Julian, Cougars came back well. Andrew netted all of her attempts leaving Cougars in a strong position at half time, leading 12 - 7.

Captain Drinkell urged her team to put the game to bed in the 3rd quarter as she made way for Lynn Webb returning from illness at GK. Cougars didn't disappoint. With an energetic performance from “Player of the Match” Congdon applying pressure on the oppositions strong GA, Mavericks were only able to add 2 goals during this quarter and Cougars took a 20 - 9 advantage into the final quarter.

Drinkell relieved Congdon at GD and Moloney returned to GA for the 4th quarter. Mavericks however came out all guns blazing determined to salvage something from the game. Cougars refused to give in resulting in a high energy last quarter. Despite some lovely circle feeds from Cliffe now at centre and some great defending by Julian and Webb, Cougars were not able to prevent Mavericks coming away with a well-deserved bonus point.  Final score 25 - 15 to Liskeard.




Liskeard Tigers 25 - 12 Marjons

Starting line up: GK Emily Tamblin, GD Kay Barker, WD Holly Lemon, C Molly Walsh, WA Jo Nickle, GA Gabi Duffey, GS Christina Broad. Res Lucy Smale & Louise Halliday.

Despite a convincing win against Marjons early in the season, having seen the team’s improvement in recent games Liskeard Tigers knew their second-leg wasn’t going to be easy.

Liskeard started well, overturning Marjons’ first centre and, thanks to Broad’s accuracy under the posts, going 4 goals up before Marjons even got on the score sheet. Marjons came back though, intercepting loose passes and scoring 5 goals with no reply. A shocked Liskeard quickly responded and Broad added 2 more to put Tigers back in front, 6-5 at the first break.

Smale replaced Duffey for the second period and the team started to settle into the game. Tamblyn and Barker worked hard in defence, Barker stopping the movement of the GA and Tamblyn picking off many rebounds. Walsh dominated the midcourt, intercepting numerous balls from the Marjons defence to feed back towards her shooters. It was a low scoring quarter, with the defence at both ends doing their job but Liskeard just edged it to leave the scores 9-7 at half time.

After a re-group at half time, Liskeard felt in control of the match but knew they needed to extend their score line against the young, springy side. Duffey returned to GA with Smale dropping back to GS and Tigers started well, maintaining much of the possession. The defensive trio of Tamblyn, Barker and Lemon dominated the court, turning over many passes and restricting the shooters to only two goals all quarter. Walsh and Nickle kept up the pace with Smale mixing up the attack for Duffey to duly convert the many chances. A great quarter by the whole side, winning 8-2 to give them an 8 goal lead going into the last.

For the final period the aim was to stop Marjons getting within half and earning that all important bonus point. Both teams defence were causing problems as the ball whipped from one end to the other, but it was the Liskeard attack that stayed strong. Good shooting from Smale and Duffey kept them in front and extended the lead and “Player of the Match” Lemon continued to intercept numerous passes, knocking the ball out at every opportunity. A strong, enjoyable quarter for the Tigers, final score 25 goals to 12!



Liskeard Tigers 24 - 23 Saltash Griffins

Starting line up: GK Kay Barker, GD Holly Lemon, WD Louise Halliday, C Molly Walsh, WA Jo Nickle, GA Gabi Duffey, GS Lucy Smale. Res Christina Broad.

Having suffered a narrow defeat at the hands of Saltash not long ago, Liskeard were keen to avenge this against their close Cornish rivals and get back to winning ways.

Saltash had first centre but thanks to some strong defending, Liskeard turned the ball over for Smale to convert. Saltash struggled to find their range during the quarter, converting just 3 out of 12 attempts thanks to persistent defending from Barker and Lemon. Great mid court work from Nickle fed the ball down and Liskeard led 5-3 at the break

Encouraged by their early lead, Liskeard remained unchanged for the second period and started well, Duffey netting her first 3 attempts to put the Tigers 8-3 ahead. The changed Saltash shooting partnership struggled against Lemon and “Player of the Match” Barker, but Liskeard failed to gather the rebounds and the goals stayed with the centre pass for much of the quarter with Liskeard leading 13-10 at half time

Changes at half time saw Christina Broad coming on at GS, with Smale moving back to GK and Barker & Lemon moving forward in defence. Saltash started quickly, reducing Liskeard’s lead to just one goal before they’d even had a chance at goal. The Tigers soon settled into their changed positions though and moved the ball swiftly around the court. Walsh read the play well, intercepting several Saltash passes to feed back down to the Liskeard shooters and with Broad and Duffey both having a fantastic quarter with just a single missed attempt, Liskeard drew the quarter, maintaining their 3 goal lead going into the last period.

With Broad still recovering from illness, Tigers reverted back to their starting line up for the final quarter and took to the court determined to see out the win. They started well, with Smale adding 2 quick goals to extend their lead but Saltash had not given up.  Their defence had changed again and the pacey GD was key coming down the court, working the ball down to their GS who was on fine form, netting some superb long range shots to bring her team back into contention. Smale fought hard against a physical GK, but with just moments to go, Liskeard’s lead had been cut to just a single goal. After turning over Saltash’s centre though, they worked hard to keep possession and were relieved to hear the final whistle, score 24 - 23 to Liskeard!



Liskeard Cougars 24, Tamarside Rebels 14

Starting line up: GK Debbie Drinkell, GD Rachael Congdon, WD Sophie Thomas, C Katie Brewer, WA Sarah Collins, GA Della Moloney, GS Hannah Gregory. Res.  Amber Jeffery & Vicky Ford.

Having secured victory by the narrowest of margins earlier in the season, Cougars went into the match knowing that they could match the 3rd placers . The first quarter was a fairly even affair, with Cougars turning over the Tamarside centre pass to score first. An opportunistic long shot from the opponents GS levelled things and play more or less went with Centre pass. Tamarside just edged it however, ending the first quarter with a 2 goal advantage at 6 – 4.

Ford replaced Gregory at GS for the second period, with Jeffery replacing Drinkell at GK. Jeffery’s height proved a real problem for the Tamarside attack and as a result Cougars were able to limit their shooting opportunities. Brewer & Collins supported play in the midcourt picking off loose balls with some great interceptions. Some excellent movement and shooting by both Ford and Moloney added 8 goals to Cougars tally, giving them a 12 – 8 lead at half time.

Gregory replaced Collins at WA and Drinkell took the Centre bib from Brewer for the third. Tamarside showed their intent with a quick turnover on the Cougar Centre pass and another quality long shot from the Tamarside GS narrowed the gap to just 2. Cougars rallied together though with Drinkell opening up the space down the court. Some great passing play from Gregory feeding into Ford and Moloney meant the oppositions fight back was soon thwarted and Cougars ended the quarter 19 -11 up.

Brewer returned to Centre and Collins came back onto WA for the final quarter. Tamarside clearly hadn’t given up and again applied pressure on the Liskeard ball. Initially they were successful and were able to add 3 quick goals. Some great support play from “Player of the Match” Rachael Congdon and the ever reliable Sophie Thomas at WD assisted the Liskeard attack though  and Cougars played some good possession play for the remainder of the quarter passing well amongst themselves and securing a double victory against Tamarside. Final score Liskeard Cougars 23, Tamarside 14.




Cougars 20 - 32 Plympton Gems

Starting line up: GK Debbie Drinkell, GD Sophie Thomas, WD Liz Julian, C Katie Brewer, WA Hannah Gregory, GA Sarah Collins, GS Della Moloney. Res: Vicky Ford & Rachael Congdon

Liskeard Cougars faced Plympton Gems for the second time this season and having failed to get a bonus point last time around they were looking for a better result this time.

Despite encouragement from Captain Debbie Drinkell however, Cougars didn't get the start they were hoping for. The players seemed disconnected on court and Gems ran away with the opening quarter, 9-2.

Injury to their WD meant Gems started the second period with only 6 players, but this didn't stop them pressing forward. Changes to Cougars with Ford coming off the bench to pair up with Moloney and Collins moving out to WA, with Congdon coming on in defence. Cougars found their stride and worked the ball well from attack to defence. Great shooting and Ford picking up any rebounds encouraged the side who took the quarter 8 - 6, leaving them trailing by just 5 at half time.

Gregory returned for the third period, with Collins taking up the centre position. Gems WD also returned, albeit still carrying her injury. Drinkell and Congdon worked hard in defence but Cougars were unable to retain possession moving up the court. Any turnovers by Gems were sped quickly down the court and Cougars struggled with their 3-stage defending, failing to slow the game down. A closer quarter saw Gems take it by just one goal but Cougars began to seem defeated.

Going into the last just 6 goals behind, Drinkell hoped the side could salvage something from the match, but despite hard work at times, Gems played their own game and Cougars were left chasing. A disappointing final quarter with only 4 goals scored didn't reflect the efforts of the Cougars, but the game ended.

Despite losing by 12 goals, the side were pleased to claim a point from this tough match. Player of the Match was awarded to Moloney for her movement in attack and good conversion rate of her shots.




Liskeard Tigers 20, Wheelie Devils 20

Starting line up: Kay Barker (GK), Holly Lemon (GD), Louise Halliday (WD), Molly Walsh (C), Jo Nickle (WA), Gabi Duffey (GA), Lucy Smale (GS). Res: Christina Broad

Having lost by 5 goals in their first encounter early on in the season, Liskeard were keen to avenge the defeat this time around.

The Tigers were quick out the blocks, going five goals in front thanks to some superb shooting from Duffey which gave Liskeard the start they had hoped for. Devils pulled their way back into the game towards the end of the quarter but Liskeard held a 6-3 lead after the first period.

Christina Broad came on at GA with Duffey moving out to WA for the second quarter. Despite their promising start, Liskeard struggled to convert the goals and the Devils scored 4 with no reply to move into the lead. Barker and Lemon worked hard in the circle but despite best efforts, they struggled to stop the tall GA. Smale got her eye in towards the end of the period but Devils took the quarter 6-3 to end the first half level at 9 goals a piece.

Duffey moved back to GA for the 3rd period with Smale going to her former position GK, partnering Barker in defence. However, Liskeard continued to struggle and the Devils GA dominated the circle. Smale shut down the GS with just one attempt all quarter, but the GA netted nearly all her attempts to extend to a four goal lead. Tigers seemed rattled by the Devils and they struggled to capitalise on their turnovers, but with encouragement from the sidelines they fought hard to get back into the game. With good pressure in the midcourt, Halliday & Walsh forced the turnovers, which “Player of the Match” Jo Nickle worked hard to feed into the shooters. Liskeard lost the quarter by one goal, leaving the score 14-15 going into the last.

Smale replaced Duffey in the shooting circle for the final period, with Lemon coming back on at GK. With the first centre converted by Smale to bring the scores level again, this quarter was set to be a fiery affair. The Tigers didn’t make it easy for themselves and their loose passes were easily picked off by the Devils, allowing them to pull ahead by 3 goals before the Tigers came back fighting again. Barker and Lemon worked tirelessly in defence to limit The Devils’ chances and with Broad netting her final 3 attempts, the game ended all square at 20 goals a piece.



Liskeard Cougars 11 - 25 Westcountry Land

Starting line up: GK Sophie Thomas, GD Amber Jeffery, WD Liz Julian, C Katie Brewer, WA Sarah Collins, GA Hannah Andrew, GS Hannah Gregory. Res: Rachael Congdon & Gemma Cliffe

Cougars’ unbeaten run for 2014 was brought to a halt by a strong and determined Westcountry Land.

Liskeard won the toss but soon found themselves on the back foot and 5 goals adrift. Westcountry Land dominated the court playing some great free flowing netball. Cougars settled towards the end of the quarter but were unable to make any impact on the score with the opposition continuing to press forward and the first period ended with Cougars trailing 3 goals to 10.

Cliffe replaced Brewer at Centre for the 2nd, with Congdon taking up the GD bib. Cougars started to work the ball well between Cliffe  & Collins and the shooting pairing of Andrew & Gregory capitalised on the more accurate feeds. This was the best quarter for the Cornish side with some great interceptions from Julian at WD and some strong defending from “Player of the Match” Jeffery, now at GK. Cougars tied the quarter at 4 goals apiece and the first half ended 14 - 7 to Westcountry Land.

Thomas returned to the court at WA and Collins took the GA bib for the start of the third quarter. Cliffe and Thomas settled well in the new pairing with Cliffe pressurising her opposing Centre.  Despite a stalemate for the first part of the quarter, thanks to some fantastic movement and shooting by the Westcountry Land GA they were again able to pull away from Cougars, adding 5 goals to Cougars 1 and giving them a 19 - 8 lead to take into the final quarter.

Brewer returned to Centre with Cliffe moving to WA and Thomas to WD for the final period. With the game already all but won, Westcountry Land were relentless in their pressure and despite some really hard work from the whole team, Cougars were unable to make any inroad on the score and the game ended Liskeard Cougars 11, Westcountry Land 25.




Liskeard Tigers  13 - 19  University [3]

Starting line up: Kay Barker (GK), Holly Lemon (GD), Louise Halliday (WD), Gemma Cliffe (C), Jo Nickle (WA), Christina Broad (GA) Lucy Smale (GS). Subs: Gabi Duffey & Kirstie Parr.

Having suffered a 10-goal defeat in their last encounter with Plymouth University’s 3rd string, Liskeard Tigers were apprehensive taking to the court for the rematch.

University started with the first centre pass but with unforced errors across the court it was several minutes before University opened the scoring. Tigers tried to settle into the game but were troubled by the fast paced play of their young opposition and with the Uni GA dominating the shooting they took the first period 6 goals to 3 to lead at the break.

Tigers made several changes going into the 2nd period, bringing Kirstie Parr on at GK, Lemon replacing Cliffe at C and Duffey replacing Smale in the shooting circle. Another fast paced quarter with mistakes from both sides lead to numerous interceptions in the midcourt and few scoring opportunities. Uni still had the edge though and won the quarter 5-3 to end the first half Tigers 6, University 11.

Lemon moved to WD for the 3rd, with Cliffe returning to C and Broad giving way to Smale at GS. Liskeard began to control the midcourt more, moving the ball well through Lemon, Cliffe and Nickle. Smale and Duffey had to battle hard against the strong Uni defence though, with the rangey GK getting a hand to numerous feeds into the circle. It was a much better quarter from the Cornish side, clawing to within 3 goals mid-way through, but with the Uni GS not missing a shot they again increased their lead slightly, ending the period 16 - 10 up.

Going into the final quarter, Halliday returned to WD, with Lemon and Barker resuming their defensive pairing. At 6 goals behind, Tigers knew they had their work cut out if they were going to salvage anything from the game.

They started well, with Duffey converting a quick first centre, but Uni weren’t letting up and continued to move the ball confidently around the court. With only minutes to go Tigers were within 5 but Uni had the last say and the game ended 13 - 19 meaning Liskeard just missed out on the extra bonus point.

It was a frustrating game and a disappointing result for Liskeard but they now have a 2 week break to prepare for their next match against Wheelie Devils on 24th Feb.

Player of the match deservedly went to Kay Barker for her excellent contribution in defence.




Liskeard Tigers 40 - 21 Curtis Marine

Starting line up: GK Kay Barker, GD Holly Lemon, WD Louise Haliday, C Molly Walsh, WA Jo Nickle, GA Gabi Duffey, GS Lucy Smale. Res Christina Broad

Liskeard kicked off the second half of their season against Curtis Marine, who they had previously beaten in their first game in the PDNL.

Tigers opened the scoring from the Curtis centre pass and quickly went 3-1 up but Curtis fought back with the turnover ball and shot three with no reply from the Tigers. However, as the Tigers settled into the quarter and with both Smale and Duffey netting all attempts, Liskeard extended to a 10-5 lead at quarter time.

Unchanged for the second period Liskeard were encouraged by their early lead. However, the tall Curtis shooters caused problems for Lemon and Barker. High balls were fed into the circle and Curtis clawed back to within 4 goals. Liskeard came back hard though, forcing the intercept in the mid court and feeding the ball safely through Halliday and Nickle up to attack. Tigers extended to 9 goals ahead before Curtis came back again. A much closer quarter ended 10 goals to 9 with Liskeard 20-14 up at half time.

Christina Broad replaced Duffey at half time with the remaining team unchanged. Defensively Liskeard started to tighten up and numerous tips from Lemon disrupted the Curtis attack; 7 attempts at goal compared to Liskeard’s 19 gave the Tigers the edge. Smale and Broad took a while to settle and struggled with the close range shots but both fought hard to convert the rebounds and keep their team in front, ending the period 30-17.

Duffey replaced “Player of the Match” Smale for the final quarter and with a 13 goal lead Liskeard were hopeful the win was in sight. Curtis made several changes with the strong GS moving out to GA and the springy Centre moving back to defence. However Liskeard had found their stride and continued their strong performance. Interceptions across the court were fed safely to Walsh and Nickle who fed the circle, where any missed attempts were scooped up for the rebound. Another strong quarter for the Tigers, winning 10-4 to end the game 40-21.

Captain Holly Lemon was pleased with the win, saying “It certainly wasn’t the best we’ve played but we did what we had to do and it’s great to get the second half of the season started with a win. Lucy and Gabi both had a great game in the shooting circle and it was good to see Christina starting to fit in well with their play. We certainly have a lot of work to do before facing University 3 next week but after a disappointing loss against Saltash last game we’re back on the right track!”